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Welcome to HoboCollector.com!

My name is Chris Dempsey and I am an avid hobo nickel collector. For more information on hobo nickels, visit the Original Hobo Nickel Society.

It's not often that an item comes up for sale that not only encompasses the entirety of a collecting genre, but also sets the record for highest price recorded in that genre. The "Dicer" Hobo Nickel, a coin carved by George Washington "Bo" Hughes in 1939, is easily the most recognizable and famous old original hobo nickel ever carved. After decades in private hands, Chris Dempsey, of Dempsey & Baxter Rare Coins, acquired this coin in the 21st annual Original Hobo Nickel Society auction on January 12th, 2013, for a record setting price of $24,200. This price dwarfs the previous record of $13,750, and will likely stand for years to come.